12 Items You'll Need for the First Day in Your New House

It can be easy to forget about your first few days in your house when you’re packing for a residential move. Unpacking all of your possessions takes time, so you need to be prepared in order to live comfortably until you can get all of your items in order.


Here are 12 things you should think about packing in a “First Day” box to be prepared for your new home.

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What You Need to Pack for Your Bathroom

The bathroom is not a place to be unprepared. You’ll want to make sure that you have some items packed separately to make sure that you’ll be ready without having to search through every other unpacked box in your new home. These items include:


• Toiletries, such as toilet paper, soap, and shampoo
Any medication or medical equipment that you will or may need in the first few days
• Towels for showering or drying your hands

What You Need to Pack for Your Kitchen

The kitchen can be one of the hardest rooms to unpack for, so avoid some of the early struggles by having a few items set aside while you plan out what goes where. Things to consider include:


• Some snacks in case someone gets hungry
• Plates, cups, and utensils for eating, unless you plan on getting takeout or delivery that includes all of these items
• Napkins or paper towels, which are great for eating or cleaning up any potential mess

What You Need to Pack for Your Bedroom

You want your first night in your new home to be a comfortable one. While your bedroom won’t have all of its usual amenities until you’re done packing, you can have the basics ready for your first night and morning by preparing the following items:


• Pillows and linens for your new bed
• An alarm clock if you need one
• A change of clothes for everyone in the household

Three More Items You Need to Pack

As expected, there are always some extra items that you may find useful, including:


• Chargers for your phone or other devices
• Laptop or tablet
• Various pet supplies, if you have a pet


Every house and every family is different, so your first-day supplies may be a bit different from our list. Once you have what you’ll need planned out, pack them all into a box marked “First Day Essentials” and you’ll be ready to go.


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