Andrews Christmas Party

Happy Holidays from Andrews!


Everyone knows Christmas season is meant for celebration, good times and being social. Work at Andrews is no exception. Even workaholics took a break to unwind from the busy move season and participate in the festivities which included a special luncheon given to us by our gracious friends at CSNS — thank you! — followed by a Christmas tree decorating competition and white elephant gift exchange. 


Here’s some snapshots of the celebration below. 


Decorating the Tree


Our porter, Fred, brought in the tree. When he heard about the contest he was very excited about participating. Fred wanted to share his beautiful contribution with everyone. 

Christmas Tree-before



Gina came in to save the day and won the contest by a landslide. The tree looked much better after her helping hand. Thanks Gina! (Sorry, Fred, you lose).

Christmas Tree-after



 White Elephant Secret Santa


The big event of the festivities was the white elephant gift exchange. Employees brought in their ghosts from Christmas past … er, GIFTS from Christmas past … and placed them under the tree for others to unwrap. There were a lot of laughs over ridiculous gifts as employees swapped stories and presents. Here are some of the unique finds below.


Christmas Party5

Waiting in anticipation.


Jeff wins the most hilarious present … a belly dancing kit complete with instructional manual and finger cymbals!


Christmas Party1

“I’m blushing.”


 Roisin ties with Jeff when she receives a children’s hat with a pink chicken head on top … complete with over-sized beak, rooster’s comb, ear flaps and pom poms!


Christmas Party2

“Gee, thanks guys.”


Ardyth gets a good find with a walking, talking, singing penguin.


Christmas Party3

“That’s mine!”


 What is ugly to some is beautiful to others. Deanna loves this gorgeous work of art that just happens to hold her favorite hot beverage! 


Deanna's teapot1



Deanna is astounded by the teapot’s ingenious design. 


Deanna's teapot2

“So you put water in Santa’s head and it pours out through his sack of presents? That’s AMAZING!”


 The gift exchange concluded with lots of laughs. To those who are reading this, all of us at Andrews hope you have as many laughs as we did this holiday season, with plenty of white elephants and great finds as well.  


Peace, joy and good tidings to you this

holiday season!



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