Andrews Blog: Residential & Corporate Moving Services - Part 4

Why it Can Pay to Delay Your Late Summer Move

Published on Aug 10, 2016 in Andrews Blog: Residential & Corporate Moving Services, Residential Moving

Moving season isn’t always the best time to move. A large percentage of families move sometime in the spring and summer months. This increase in moving activity can turn your search for an available moving company  into a series of dead ends. That’s why it can pay to hold off on your late summer move.


If you’re thinking about moving in late summer – something around Labor Day, perhaps – you can make your situation much easier by waiting until the busy season passes. Consider these advantages to holding off on your move until moving season is over.

Image of a new home owner. Read these tips on how it can pay to wait on late summer moving services.


Staff Celebrates Christmas in July!

Published on Aug 3, 2016 in Andrews Blog: Residential & Corporate Moving Services, Uncategorized



With all the hot and humid weather, staff at Andrews took time to chill out and have some fun! Yvonne Buttitta, the mastermind behind the event, organized Christmas in July for the week of July 25-29, 2016. During this week, staff decorated their cubicles in festive fashion and all the departments had a contest on the best-dressed work areas. Corporate Services won by a long shot! 


Other activities throughout the week included making Christmas cookies, a white elephant event and limbo contest. Staff also got quite a laugh out of comparing the world’s ugliest holiday sweaters ever made! Below are some snap shots from the week …


How to Pack Your Family Room

Published on Jul 25, 2016 in Andrews Blog: Residential & Corporate Moving Services, Residential Moving

The family room is a busy place. From lounging on the couch after work to hosting holiday parties, the average family can spend a lot of time in the family room. That’s means that the average family also has a lot of different possessions in the family room, including sentimental photos and electronics.


Given the wide variety of items, the family room can be tricky to pack when you’re preparing to move. Here are some family room packing tips that will help you as you prepare for moving day.

Image of a happy family. Learn these family room packing tips from Andrews.


How Color Coding Can Help You Pack

Published on Jul 18, 2016 in Andrews Blog: Residential & Corporate Moving Services, Residential Moving

Packing can be a dull, aggravating affair, but a little bit of color can help make it a more enjoyable process. Color coding your moving boxes can help you keep your possessions organized for your upcoming move.


A consistent color code will let you know what boxes belong where, saving you time and effort when you’re trying to unpack everything. Here’s how you can color code your boxes for moving day.

Image of a happy couple who used a color code for moving day.


How to Purge Your Closet Before You Move

Published on Jun 30, 2016 in Andrews Blog: Residential & Corporate Moving Services, Long Distance Moving, Residential Moving

You have to empty out every nook and cranny of your house when you move. As a storage place, closets are a place where many people can stuff various possessions so that they can worry about them later. That idea may be fine in the short term, but an overstuffed closet can lead to issues when you have to move.


Instead of waiting around to pack up a cluttered closet, cleaning out and organizing these spaces can help you for when you have to pack for your upcoming residential move. Here’s what you should consider when it’s time to purge your closet.

Image of a messy closet. Follow these closet cleaning tips to help with your residnetial move.


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