Christmas at Polaris Fashion Place

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! As of Sunday night the Christmas decorations for Polaris Fashion Place in Columbus, Ohio, began going up in anticipation of the holiday season and the arrival of Santa.  Have you ever wondered where these Christmas decorations go the other months of the year? Maybe not, since it seems obvious they would go back to the “Christmas Decoration & Stuff Company,” but the beautiful decorations at Polaris Fashion Place are actually carefully stored in Andrews’ Columbus warehouse. Andrews’ employees spend 3 days working to get all of the decorations up for the holiday season. Once Christmas is over, these decorations are packed back up by Andrews and taken back to our warehouse to hibernate until next Christmas.

Each decoration is stored in Andrews’ warehouse in pieces and is delivered and assembled by Andrews’ employees. The branches of the Christmas trees span across the warehouse shelves in wardrobe boxes, the frame of the Christmas tree sits on the warehouse shelf, and the wreathes are wrapped in protective plastic. A visual coordinator for Polaris works with Andrews to make sure each piece is in the correct location. The branches and ornaments of the tree must be arranged properly and all the LED lights must be checked that they are in working order.

Storage and installation of Polaris Fashion Place’s Christmas decorations is just one example of the many service lines Andrews has to offer. Moving your company to a new office or have a special item that needs to be stored? Moving around the block or even across the ocean? Andrews has the experience, equipment, and training to make it happen. Contact us to find out how we can help you or call 800.321.8680!

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