Cleveland Attraction: The “A Christmas Story” House

Cleveland gets a bad rap. Really, it does! Yes, it’s cold in the winter. There is a lot of snow, wind, and ice. And obviously there can’t be anything to do in Cleveland. So if you’ve recently decided to or simply have to move to Cleveland, OH, you may be a little less than excited. But you should be excited! There are plenty of great things to see, some shopping, and great restaurants (Anthony Bourdain even admitted to liking Cleveland) in the area. Over the next few months, Andrews has decided to spotlight some of the great attractions in Cleveland.

As you can probably guess from the post title, kicking it off and getting into the holiday spirit we’re looking at the house from A Christmas Story. Besides those living in Ohio and die-hard fans of the movie, most overlook this little Cleveland gem. The movie itself takes place in Indiana, but the house used for the exterior shots as well as a few other movie locations (the famous Chinese restaurant is now a French restaurant) is actually in Cleveland. Though the indoor house scenes were shot on a sound stage, the exterior and interior of this house have been renovated back to its A Christmas Story glory. Directly across the street from the house is an A Christmas Story museum filled with props, costumes, pictures, and facts from the filming of the movie. You may even catch a glimpse of the famous Leg Lamp in the living room window or buy your own from the gift shop. Tours are given year-round so if you don’t want to brave the Cleveland winter cold, you can take a visit during the summer.

Adults: $10.00
Children 7 to 12: $6.00
(Children 6 & under: FREE)
Seniors: $8.00
Admission information: (216) 29804919 or [email protected]
Tickets include access to both A Christmas Story House and the accompanying museum

Still  not convinced? Make it a holiday treat by taking the A Christmas Story Lolly the Trolly light tour!

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