Decluttering Services from Cleveland

Over the years, people acquire a lot of possessions. Eventually, these items can become a burden if not addressed, taking up a lot of space in drawers, closets, garages, and other storage spaces.

Decluttering services for home owners in Cleveland and Columbus.

Andrews Moving can help you take care of these items to create some needed extra space. Professional decluttering services can help you organize your possessions and simplify your storage situation, helping you:

  • Arrange your home for a sale
  • Prepare to move into a smaller residence
  • Organize your current home

De-cluttering can help speed up the selling process by making your home appear more spacious and attractive to buyers.

The Andrews de-clutter program includes:

  • Free in-home survey
  • Free Starter Package: ten cartons, newsprint packing paper, and tape
  • Free storage for 3-months, for up to 3,000 lbs of goods*
  • Items are padded and protected in a climate-controlled, monitored environment
  • Items are delivered to your new home in accordance with your move plan
  • $595.00 flat charge for Franklin and surrounding counties

To book your de-clutter, or request more information, call 800.837.1155


Want to de-clutter on your own time? Portable Go-Mini storage is also available with similar pricing. Ask your Move Consultant for details


*Some restrictions and limitations apply. As a general guideline, 2-3 lightly furnished rooms, or an average of 60-70 packed cartons, would represent 3,000 lbs of content.

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