Where to Donate Your Extra Stuff in Columbus

When you move, not all of your possessions will be coming with you. However, you can’t leave unwanted items at your old residence, so you’ll need to figure out a plan of action. While some things in end up in the trash pile, there’s an alternative solution that can not only help free you of these possessions, but also help your community.


Whether you need to unload small items like books and clothing or big objects like furniture, there are several places in and around Columbus that will gladly accept what you can’t take to your next home.

Andrews has some tips for where you can donate your extra household items in Columbus for when you move.

Donating Household Items in Columbus

Where you donate your household items depends on what you’re trying to donate. If you have some used furniture that won’t make the trip, the Salvation Army or Furniture Bank of Central Ohio are good options. Smaller items can be given away as well. Most libraries, including the Columbus Metropolitan Library, will accept books. Everything from bicycles to medical supplies can be donated, so check out a list of potential locations and what they accept thanks to the Columbus Dispatch.


What to Do With the Things You Can’t Give Away

Sometimes you’ll have items that can’t be donated. Many items can be thrown away for regular trash collection, but make sure to find out what your local garbage collectors will take and what they won’t.


Other household items may be deemed hazardous and will need to be taken to an organization like the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio. To see which household hazardous items are accepted and which are not, check out the official list provided by SWACO.


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