Four Tips for Moving with Kids

Moving is an emotional experience. A transition into a new home can make you and your family happy, sad, and everything in between. You may ready to move in to your next residence, but your children may not share the same enthusiasm.


Your kids aren’t thinking about what’s best for your family down the road or trying to find a local moving company. Your children just know that they’re leaving their home for a strange, new place. However, there are ways that you can ease your children into the moving process. Here are four to help your kids during your move.

Image of a moving family. Learn tips on moving with kids and contact a professional moving company today.

Let Them Know About Your Move

Don’t let your kids find out that they’re moving by accident. Hold a family meeting so that you can tell them the news on your own terms. This way you can show how excited you are about the move and how it will impact them. An accidental discovery makes the move seem like a secret, shady ordeal, which can make a tough situation even tougher.

Get Them Involved in the Process

While you will always have the final say on a new home, it doesn’t hurt to get some feedback from your children. If you have a few final options, take your kids to see their potential new home. If it’s too far away, show them photos of the place. Ask them what they like and let them know that you’re taking their input seriously. This way they know that they’re taking part in the decision and can get excited about the process.

Say Goodbye to Your Old Home and Celebrate

Even something as simple as saying goodbye can make a difference. Let your kids have some closure and hold a “farewell” party where they can say goodbye to the house before you go. You can even make a scrapbook and fill it with photos from your old home and recall happy memories from over the years. This can help provide closure for your children and make it easier to move on to a new stage in their lives.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Moving can be hard. Make sure that you find the right moving company to simplify the process and make your move an easy transition. Andrews helps families through local and long-distance moving services. Give us a call at 800-321-8680 or contact Andrews online today to get a quote and take some of the stress out of your moving experience.

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