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Andrews Moving & Storage has been in business since 1908. We didn’t make it this far by providing poor service, and underwhelming performance.  No – our company was founded on 5 main principles:



1.) The Customer Always Comes First

2.) We Accept Personal Responsibility

3.) We Are Highly Motivated for Success

4.) We are Humbly Confident

5.) We Constantly Improve


If you allow us to work with your customers, we promise to care for them as you would.  We understand that your referral is a reflection on you, and we will not let you down!  And, as an added bonus for your clients, Andrews offers:

  • Free In-Home Survey
  • Home De-Cluttering Special (ask for details)
  • Free Starter Package (A $50 Value)
    •      10 boxes 
    •      Two rolls of tape
    •      10 lbs of packing paper
    •      Packing kit delivered at the time of the in-home survey
  • Preferred Rates for Labor, Materials and Valuation


Give me a call today to discuss how we can start growing business for each other!




Michael Jones

Director of Business Development


[email protected]

Boxes & Packing Materials

Why purchase your moving boxes and packing materials from the big box stores and pay full retail? Our boxes and packing materials are high quality and less costly than the major retailers. Plus if you book your move with us we offer free recycled boxes to our customers.

Go Mini’s

Our portable Go Mini storage containers are great for de-cluttering, storing and even do-it-yourself moving.

Decluttering Services

Whether you want to prep your home for a sale, move to a smaller home, or just organize your current home's living space, we can make the job a whole lot easier. Decluttering services can help you remove unneeded possessions and organize your home. We work with you to decide what goes and what stays. No job is too large or small - closets, a single room, garage, basement or even the whole house.

Packing and Unpacking

We have the experts to properly and safely pack your belongings so they arrive undamaged. Custom crating is used for high value items.