How Color Coding Can Help You Pack

Packing can be a dull, aggravating affair, but a little bit of color can help make it a more enjoyable process. Color coding your moving boxes can help you keep your possessions organized for your upcoming move.


A consistent color code will let you know what boxes belong where, saving you time and effort when you’re trying to unpack everything. Here’s how you can color code your boxes for moving day.

Image of a happy couple who used a color code for moving day.

Color Coding for Moving Day

The way you mark your boxes can make a big difference. You can always use a trusty marker to add a splash of color to a container, but make sure to use something that you can easily see. A regular old pen will be way too fine to make much of a difference without scribbling for a while. The downside of a marker is that it will permanently mark the box.


Tape is a great removable option. Strips of duct tape will stick on and be highly visible. Marking tape is also easy to see and can be written on for extra instructions or clarification. Whether you want to use tapes with solid colors or different prints is totally up to you! Depending on the tape, you may even be able to use it to seal your boxes after you packed them.

Keep Your Packing Colors Straight

During the moving process, you or somebody else among your family and friends may forget what color corresponds with each room. A color key can act as a guide to help any confused movers. All you need to do is get a sheet of paper and note each color and room pairing for future use.


In addition to remembering what color goes with each room, it’s important to keep a consistent pattern of marking your boxes. Make sure to mark the same part of every box for easy identification. Depending on if you’re planning to stack boxes in a basement or in storage, it’s also smart to mark both the top and side of a box. That way you can identify boxes even if something is on top or in front of it.

Simplify Your Move

While color coding can help organize your packing, it’s just one step in a long process. A professional local moving company can help you make a seamless transition into your new home without you having to worry about the safety of your possessions.


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