How to Pack Your Family Room

The family room is a busy place. From lounging on the couch after work to hosting holiday parties, the average family can spend a lot of time in the family room. That’s means that the average family also has a lot of different possessions in the family room, including sentimental photos and electronics.


Given the wide variety of items, the family room can be tricky to pack when you’re preparing to move. Here are some family room packing tips that will help you as you prepare for moving day.

Image of a happy family. Learn these family room packing tips from Andrews.

Packing Pictures and Mirrors

It’s no surprise that fragile items need to be handled carefully. Picture frames, mirrors, and other flat, breakable items can be a particular problem to pack. There are special containers that can have special slots for glass and other fragile surfaces. This allows you to wrap these items in moving paper and slide them into a carton so that they don’t fall into one another and crack.

Packing Lamps

You’re going to need a few extra lights when you move in, so you’ll need to carefully pack your lamps so that you can set them up when you arrive at your new home. To start, separate your lamps and shades so that they can be packed in different containers. Lamp stands should be packed upright with packing paper to keep them safe and secure. Lamp shades should also have plenty of packing paper so that they don’t slide around and break.

Packing Electronics

Like fragile items, you have to be careful with your electronics. One short drop can be the difference between a fully-functional TV and a big paperweight with a broken screen. Go ahead and pack your electronics in the original boxes and Styrofoam cutouts if you still have them. If not, you can get special containers from a moving service. Also, remember to always pack your TVs upright when transporting them. Laying them flat on their screen can lead to an early end for your TV.

Packing up Your Family Room

Your family room is a great place to relax, but packing it up can be a stressful experience even before you have to think about moving furniture. A professional moving company can make sure that every possession is packed correctly so that your possessions make it safely to your new home.


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