Moving Estimate Changes

Starting today, May 15, 2012, changes go into place that will make a difference on your moving estimate.

By law, the first estimate you receive from a moving company must include full valuation protection with no deductible.

What does this mean? Valuation is protection of your goods. Full valuation with no deductible means that if an item is damaged or lost during your move, it will be replaced at no charge to you.

How is this different? In the past, movers could give an initial estimate with free minimum coverage of $.60 per pound per article. This means if a $1,000 lamp that weighs 6 lbs is lost or damaged, the most the customer could receive for the item would be $3.60.

The change will cause the initial estimate to be higher in price, but the price will reflect the highest amount of protection for your goods that is available. You can then waive the full valuation protection with no deductible and choose to have a deductible or the free, minimum coverage, and receive a new quote.

If an initial estimate does not reflect the highest protection, it is a red flag. This new change is industry-wide and all movers, including move brokers, must abide. If you receive an initial move estimate that does not include this level of coverage, it should be a red flag that something is not correct.

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