Office Relocation in Cleveland & Columbus, Ohio

Office relocation can be an exciting time for you and your business. When you move to a new location, you have a chance to start fresh with your office layout and floorplan. But there are a few obstacles in your way before you start life in your new space.


The moving process can be complicated if you don’t plan ahead. In addition to having a reliable moving company to help you transport all of your office supplies safely, there are a few areas you need to plan for when you are relocating your office.

Office moving in Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio

Plan Out the Details

Seemingly small items can create big hassles if they aren’t addressed. First off, you’ll want to check in with the landlord to see if he or she has a specific list of preferred movers that will meet their requirements. The physical location of your potential new office can also cause problems. If your new office isn’t on the ground floor of a building, you’re going to want to reserve an elevator for the day.


Other details are more for security than moving day convenience. Make sure to find out how much general liability insurance you’ll need when you look at a new facility. Your potential landlord may also need to be named as an additional insured. Check guidelines for your insurance and workers’ compensation to know exactly what role your landlord will play in case of any future incidents.

Make Space

You never want to run out of space. Your new location will need to work for both your employees and your furniture. Pay attention to the floor plan to see if your current furniture will fit in with your new space. It’s never a good situation to end up in your new location and be surprised with some company possessions that won’t fit.


Moving also presents a good opportunity to cut down on furniture and storage. Do you have extra file cabinets that never get used or isn’t in any future plans for new employees? If so, take what you need to your new location and cut back on excess furniture to save on space.

Office Relocation in Cleveland and Columbus

You’ve built up your business and now you need a professional moving company that you can trust. Andrews Moving has provided Northeast and Central Ohio with premium corporate moving services for decades and our trained movers can make sure that your transition goes smoothly and efficiently.


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