Red Flags for Moving Estimates

Doing research can make a big difference for your moving experience. In addition to finding a new home and looking into the neighborhood, you’re going to want to find the right moving company in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio for you and your family.

Part of the decision process includes getting estimates from at least three professional movers. These estimates will not only help you decide which company to choose for your move, but also which ones you probably don’t want to deal with. Here are three red flags to look for when you’re getting estimates form moving companies.

Watch out for moving company red flags with these warning signs.

1. They Only Do Over-the-Phone Estimates

If you’re going to hire a moving company to transport your possessions, you’re going to want them to do an on-site inspection or a Virtual Survey of everything they’ll be moving. Over-the-phone estimates are unlikely to be exact and will not adequately account for everything you need moved. If a moving company refuses to give you anything other than an on-site or Virtual Survey estimate, you can safely remove them from your list of potential movers.

2. They Give You an Estimate That Does Not Reflect the Highest Protection

By law, your first moving estimate should include full valuation protection with no deductible, so an estimate with a lower level of coverage is a big red flag. This initial estimate isn’t set in stone, however.

Once you receive this estimate, it’s up to you whether you’d like to waive the full valuation protection and go with another option or stick with the original. However, if your first estimate doesn’t have full valuation, you might be dealing with a moving company that’s not following all of the rules.

3. There’s a Big Difference From the Other Estimates

When you’re picking out a moving company, it’s a good idea to get multiple estimates for comparison. Different factors will lead some estimates to be lower or higher than others. However, if there’s an estimate that’s notably lower than the others, there’s reason to be skeptical.

Everyone loves a deal, but a significantly low estimate can serve as a warning sign that not everything might be right with the lowest bidder. A surprisingly low estimate could mean that you won’t receive the same services as the other companies offer or that the estimate has a mistake. Either way, make sure that you investigate estimates that are significantly lower than all of the others to make sure that you won’t receive questionable service as a result.

Choosing a Reputable Moving Company

When you’re deciding on a residential moving company, you need to find a group that you can trust. Andrews has been serving families in Cleveland and Columbus for over a century, providing quality service for people going through a big transition. Give us a call at 800-321-8680 or contact Andrews online today to talk to one of our experts about an estimate for your home move.

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