Relocating Soon? Use These Five Organzing Tips to Reduce Costs, Save Time and Reduce Stress

Moving is very high on the stress level charts and with good reason.  Packing up your life and relocating involves making lots of decisions often without the luxury of time to plan and organize.  If relocating in 2015 is in your plans, read our tips below to reduce your stress throughout the entire relocation process.

Declutter Your Life on a cork notice board

  1. Start to sort through your belongings as soon as you know you will be moving. Often our belongings migrate around our homes.  Start to return items to the space where they belong.  This makes packing and labeling boxes much easier for the movers. Unpacking is a breeze when the contents of the box belong in the same space.

  2. If items no longer serve your current lifestyle either donate them to charity or sell them  online or with an auction house.  Why pay to move items you no longer want? Many charities will come to your home and pick up large items.

  3. Keep a notebook handy for all of the documents you will obtain through the relocation process.  Contracts, Realtor


    and service providers are just a few of the many pieces of information you will need to keep handy.  You can use clear plastic paper pockets to keep fabric samples and paint colors at your fingertips.

  4. Be ruthless in your kitchen before you pack. Toss expired spices and canned foods, Tupperware without lids,  chipped or broken dishes and other items that are in poor shape. As the move


    approaches be sure to throw out any perishable food items.

    Non perishable

    items can be packed and donated to the local


    through a program such as Move For Hunger.

  5. Take a good look at the clothing in all of your closets. Have you worn it in the past two seasons?  Does it fit?  Do you feel good wearing this item? If you answered “No” to any of these questions, it is time to donate the clothing.

If your move has come up suddenly and you don’t have the time to tackle these projects by yourself there is no need to worry. There are professional companies out there like our partner, Accent on Organizing, that provide pre-move planning and organizing services. These services can help you reduce costs, save time and reduce stress during the relocation. Your moving company will appreciate the work that has been done and it will help ensure a smooth, hassle-free relocation experience.

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