How to Safely Pack Prescription Medications

The bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in your house, but it’s one of the trickiest ones to pack for a residential move. Your bathroom contains several items that you need on a day-to-day basis which requires a little extra planning as you get to your new home.


When it comes to your medications, organization is key. Both prescription and over-the-counter medications should be sorted out and packed to ensure a simple move that will help you establish your new bathroom in no time.

Keep your medications organized during your residential move with these helpful tips.

How to Sort

Before you can start packing your medications, you need to sort through them and determine what gets packed where. For example, you may have medications that you can’t leave for your movers because you may need them during the moving process. These should be packed in a container that you will take with you so that they can always be on hand.


Other medications may not be quite as immediately necessary, so they can be packed in a box for your movers. Mark the box as “Essential,” which will let your movers know that the contents are things that you’ll need to make your new house livable as soon as possible.


Part of the sorting process includes disposing of unusable or unneeded medications. Reasons for why you shouldn’t keep a medication include:


• It’s past its expiration date
• The label cannot be read
• There isn’t a label at all

How to Pack

Once you have your medications sorted out, you can safely pack them away. Bottles can be packed in resealable plastic bags, which will keep them from getting scattered in the moving box and help on the off chance that a lid opens and your medication spills out. It’s not a likely occurrence, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Once you’ve lined your box with packing paper, you can place your medications into the box. To consolidate room, feel free to pack your medications with toiletries or other items that will end up in the same room, or even the same medicine cabinet. Finally, clearly label the outside of the box to make it as easy as possible to identify which room the contents belong in and what those contents are.


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