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As people get older, their needs change. Children grow up and move into their own places and the old family home may not be the best place for their parents to live anymore. That’s why Andrews Moving offers special senior move management services to help seniors transition into a new residence.

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Full Service Moving Options for Seniors

Moving can be a difficult process, especially for seniors. Andrews helps seniors go through this transition with professional moving crews that will help you bring your possessions to a new home, condo, or independent living center. Our crews are screened and trained to be the best in the industry and can provide the professional service needed for a successful move.

Senior move management can require special care and consideration in addition to moving. This is why Andrews offers several different services that can help seniors during the moving process.

Decluttering Services

Decluttering services can be beneficial for seniors regardless of whether they’re moving to a new residence or not. Our experts can help seniors remove unneeded possessions from closets, rooms, garages, basements, and anywhere else that needs attention. This can be done in preparation for a home sale, a transition to a smaller space, or to just declutter and organize your current residence.

Packing and Unpacking Services

It can be difficult and dangerous for seniors to pack and unpack heavy objects and fragile items into moving boxes. Our professional moving crews can provide packing and unpacking services to help prevent potential accidents and injuries and keep possessions safe.

Flexible Storage Options

When downsizing to a smaller home, condo, or independent living center, seniors may not have enough room for all of their possessions. Andrews offers safe, secure storage options to hold any possessions that won’t fit in a new residence.

Family Shipments to Loved Ones

Family shipments offer another way to take care of extra possessions without getting rid of them. Andrews can carefully pack and manage the shipment of belongings to family members so that they can hold onto them.

A Moving Company for Seniors

Moving can be an emotional experience, especially for people who have developed a deep attachment to their longtime home. Andrews provides professional, dedicated care to help ease the transition and reduce as much stress as possible. Our professional moving crews ensure that your belongings are safe and secure and provide other beneficial services to make the transition as smooth as possible.

As a family-owned business, we know how important it is to ensure that a big transition like moving goes well. We’ve been helping families move in Cleveland since 1908 and can help you make your transition into a new residence. Contact us today  for a quote on senior moving services today to get the care and attention you deserve.

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