Surviving the Summer Moving Crunch

Today the Columbus Dispatch published an article (Moving? Prepare to wait) that talks about the moving industry’s struggle to keep up with the high demand of this year’s summer moving season. While the article focuses on Columbus, this is an issue for all reputable moving companies across the country.

Reputable moving companies such as Andrews want to offer the highest level of service to customers no matter what time of year they move. Careful planning and booking on the mover’s part will ensure that a customer gets the best moving experience possible.

There are a few things you as the “move-e” can do to make sure you receive the best service and least stressful move experience as possible no matter what time of year.

Book early! As we mentioned back in March, if you know your destination and when you are moving, don’t hesitate to get three estimates and book with a company that you like as soon as possible. While the article states the last week of June and the last week of July are the busiest weeks of the summer season, don’t be misled into thinking that the rest of the season won’t be just as busy. If you know now that you are moving at the end of August or in September, book early to ensure you get the dates you need.

Be flexible. As the article mentions, being flexible is one of the best things you can do. Not only do you need to be flexible with the day of the week that you move (say a Wednesday instead of a Friday), you need to be ready to be flexible with delivery dates. When you book your move, most companies offer a “delivery spread” that spans across a few days. This means that your belongings may arrive on any of these days. Chances are the truck that will be carrying your belongings will contain other families’ belongings as well. This increases the number of moves the company is able to service. Be open to not having a specific delivery date right from the start. Andrews will notify you once your items are in transit as to which day they will be delivered, but being open to the day of the week your items leave your home and being open to having your items any time from the first to the last day of your spread will help increase your chances of booking a move – especially during the busy season.

Avoid the busy season. It seems really obvious, but if it’s possible to delay your move until after the busy season your options will really open up. Another plus – if you’re a renter, most apartment complexes offer lower rent rates outside of the summer season in order to fill vacant units in the off-season.

Be patient. We all want to move you, we really do! But cutting corners just to book business will not produce the high-quality service results we strive to achieve. If a company tells you they can’t move you on a certain day, it’s not because they don’t want your business or don’t care – it’s just the opposite! We want to ensure your move process is as flawless as possible.

Be alert. Representatives from some of the most well known moving companies (United Van Lines, Allied) that are in competition for your business have the same message in this article – this is an industry-wide occurrence during the busy season. So be alert of rogue movers or move brokers. If something seems too good to be true, especially during this busy time, it’s probably a red flag.

Don’t be scared off. The season is busy and getting the date you need may be difficult, but don’t be scared off into thinking your only option is a do-it-yourself style move. You won’t know until you ask! Your moving company may be able to recommend an alternate date or another solution.

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