Tips for Labeling Your Moving Containers

When it comes to moving containers, it’s what’s inside that counts. However, it’s hard to tell what is in all of your moving containers once you’ve packed all of your belongings away.


Constantly unsealing and resealing boxes for a chance to find what you’re looking for is not only inefficient, it’s also a pain. Proper labeling can make a huge difference when it comes to a smooth move, so here are some tips that can help you.

Proper labelling of you moving containers can help simplify your move.

How to Label Your Boxes

If it’s hard to read, or even see, a label, then your labeling system won’t be all too effective. You’ll want to make your labels stick out and easy to read, so don’t write too small. It will also help if what you’re writing on is white, as it’ll be easier to spot words than if you were to write on a darker background.


A color system can also help you organize boxes by room. By attaching a different color sticker or piece of tape to a box, you can note the room where it should go. For example, red could mean a container needs to go to the bedroom while blue could be for the kitchen.


There are also moving label templates available that you can print out on self-adhesive paper or tape onto the side of your container to make identification easier.


What to Write on Your Boxes

Having a an easy-to-spot system will help, but you’re still going to have to provide some details to help you and any mover know a container’s contents. Pieces of information you’ll want to list on the side of your box include:

• Your name
• The date
• Which end should be up
• The room to which each container should be delivered
• If the contents are fragile
• If the container is something you want to unpack first, which can be labeled “LAST ON, FIRST OFF” to make the movers aware


Also, if Andrews is helping you with your move, make sure to leave cartons that contain items listed on United’s High-Value Inventory form open for easy access. That way the van operator may complete his or her inspection.


These labeling tips should help make your move an easier process. Give us a call today at 888-671-8299 or contact Andrews online if you need professional moving services in Columbus and Cleveland.

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