Use Your Summer Move to Help Fight Hunger

The temperatures are rising, the sun is shining, the pools are open – it’s officially summer! Summer is the busiest season in the moving industry. Summer is also a busy season for local food banks. During the school year many low-income students take advantage of free or reduced-meals through the school system. During the summer these meals aren’t available to them, putting them at greater risk for hunger. While most people think to donate to food banks during the holiday season, food is needed year-round to help those in need and donating in the summer can help ensure that children in the community receive the food they need!

Andrews is a proud participant in Move for Hunger and is committed to helping local food banks year-round. The busy summer season is a great opportunity for us to donate to this cause. The increase of moves allows us to increase the amount of food we are able to bring to the local food bank. If you’re moving this summer, please think twice before throwing away that unwanted, non-perishable food. The can of tuna you’re about to toss could be lunch for a kid that receives free lunch during the school year. No amount of food is too small! When you’re ready to pack, simply place the food you want to donate into a box and put the Move for Hunger sticker on it. When our crews come to pick up your belongings, they will bring the box of food back to our office where it will later be brought to the local food bank. If we’re doing your packing, don’t hesitate to ask for a free box to put your donations in.

So please – use your summer move to help fight hunger! Contact us (800.321.8680) to schedule your free in-home survey.

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