What Do You DO?

Whenever I tell someone I work for a moving company their question is always, “But what exactly do you do?” To many the idea of a moving company seems simple: someone needs to move, they call the company, and the company moves them. What else is there to do? The truth is there is so much more to Andrews than just moving people to a new home. While we love our household moves, there are plenty of things that need to be moved beyond just a household – most are things people will never even stop to consider how it got there!

Office Relocation
Just like a family needs to be moved to a new home, sometimes a company needs to be moved to a new office. An office move often involves taking apart the cubicle stations, packing files, and organizing a surplus of

electronic equipment. Andrews has staff that is specially trained to disassemble and rebuild cubicle stations. Using the Tyga-Box system, Andrews is able to pack files in non-crushable plastic totes that allow the items to be packed in order for easy organization and unpacking. Our moving crews are trained to properly pack and move all electronic and special equipment to keep it organized and safe during the move.

Corporate Employee Relocation

Companies often offer a relocation package to their new employees. Andrews works with companies to offer the best relocation experience to new employees. Most of these packages are lump-sum, which means the person moving has a particular budget that the company will cover, so our staff works closely with the new employee to help them choose packing and moving options that will get the job done right with the allotted dollar amount. Andrews works to make relocating a new employee easy for both the employer and the employee.

Storage/Asset Management
Of course we can store household items, but we also store and manage special items. Companies can store extra office furniture, sales fixtures, and even Christmas decorations. Andrews uses a special inventory system to

keep track of all the items in the warehouse and all of the household items are carefully packed into an individual vault. Our storage facilities are indoors, unlike the self-storage places, which keeps the items in a temperature controlled environment. This is a great way to reduce the clutter in a home while it’s on the market, store stuff during renovation, or simply to store extra items that may be needed later.

These are only a few of the many things Andrews can help with when relocating. Check out our website for full details or contact us!

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