What to Do During Your Move | Moving Guideline

Once you’ve gone through extensive planning to find the right residential moving company and preparing all of your possessions for your move, you’re almost ready to make the transition to your new home.

As your professional moving company, Andrews will take care of the majority of your moving needs, safely transporting your possessions into your new home. While our movers will do the heavy lifting, there are still a few things that you need to do on moving day before you can rest easy in your new place.

Moving day tips from Andrews Moving and Storage.

Moving Day Preparations

Once moving day arrives, our movers will be ready to help you move into the next part of you and your family’s lives. Our team will conduct an inspection and inventory of items before loading for your protection. It is important, however, to set aside and clearly mark any items that you don’t want loaded by the movers. This can include special items like food, medication, and other necessities that you, your children, or your pets may need during the moving process.

It’s also important to organize and mark items or boxes that should be loaded either first or last. Thanks to our residential moving packing and unpacking services, our experts can help you do this and keep your move nice and organized.

After everything is loaded, it’s off to your new house. There, our experts will unload all of your possessions and confirm with you that everything has been delivered by using the inventory that was made. It’s also important that you ask your Andrews Residential Move Consultant any questions during your move. Andrews is here to make your transition into your new home go as smoothly as possible and we will be happy to explain anything we can.

Moving Into Your New Home With Andrews

Moving day is a big event in your life. Andrews’ professional movers work to make the transition go well and have all of your possessions arrive at your new home safe and sound. Contact Andrews today  about residential moving services that you can trust.

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