Why it Can Pay to Delay Your Late Summer Move

Moving season isn’t always the best time to move. A large percentage of families move sometime in the spring and summer months. This increase in moving activity can turn your search for an available moving company  into a series of dead ends. That’s why it can pay to hold off on your late summer move.


If you’re thinking about moving in late summer – something around Labor Day, perhaps – you can make your situation much easier by waiting until the busy season passes. Consider these advantages to holding off on your move until moving season is over.

Image of a new home owner. Read these tips on how it can pay to wait on late summer moving services.

Flexible Moving Schedules

There are only so many moving trucks and crew members in the world. When you move during the summer, you’re doing more than just trying to find a good moving company; you’re competing against other families for available time.


Moving companies can get booked very quickly during the summer, which means that you can be out of luck if the moving company of your choice is unavailable for your preferred weekend. By waiting until after Labor Day to move, you should have more flexibility in finding a moving day that works with your schedule.

Save on Moving Rates

Playing the moving waiting game can end up save you more than just a headache. Moving rates usually come down in September when the number of moving families goes down. This trend can give you some financial incentive to hold off on your move until after Labor Day.


Don’t rush in to a move in August when movers are their busiest. Wait for rates to come down in September and October and have a more relaxing move at a lower price.

Avoid the Late Summer Move

Even a few extra weeks can lead to many more moving options. When you’re ready to set a moving date, Andrews Moving can provide quality moving services. We can even help you earn back some funds based on the sale price of your current home through the CityPointe Cash Back ProgramContact Andrews Moving online or give us a call at 800-3218680 to get a quote on Cleveland or Columbus moving services today.

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