Why it Pays to Plan Ahead for Moving Services

It’s always good to be prepared. When it comes to the moving process, a little preparation can save you from a lot of problems.


Moving takes a lot of time and effort, but planning ahead can help make the process go smoothly, especially when a new development takes you by surprise. Having a set plan for moving services can ensure that you don’t have to worry when you need to move a lot sooner than you expected. Here’s why it pays to plan ahead for residential moving services in Cleveland and Columbus.

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Why You Plan Ahead for Your Local Move

Houses sell fast. The Cleveland housing market is a hotbed for activity, which means there are anxious buyers and sellers.


The state of the market can affect you on both ends of your move. Because of the activity, you may have to make a move on your new dream home before someone can snag it away from you. On the flipside, there may be an interested party in your home right after you list your property, leaving you caught off guard with a temporary place to live while you finish building or buying your new home.


Either situation can accelerate your moving timeline much more than you had planned and can leave you in a tight spot. You could be forced to scramble to find professional movers and stress out as you try and pack everything you own in just a short period of time. There’s even a chance that you could lose out on a new home or potential buyer and have to then wait for new opportunities. However, a little preparation can save you from these problems.

Be Ready to Move When the Time Comes

The first thing you should do to plan ahead for your move is to get a quote from a local moving company. You can hold onto that quote for when the time comes, meaning you won’t be scrambling to get prices while the clock is ticking. When the housing market accelerates your timeline, just call up your Cleveland of Columbus moving company and let them know about your timeline.


Once you’ve got a quote in place, it never hurts to start organizing. Your realtor is sure to recommend that you declutter the home, so start packing away clutter or removing it from the house altogether. Box up seasonal items or possessions that you aren’t using much and get them ready for the move. Every box you prepare now will be one less that you have to worry about at the last minute. Be sure to let your mover know that you’ve packed (or not packed) and discarded items after they give you an estimate as it will help them prepare properly. Doing a lot of packing and discarding of items can also save you money, so be sure the mover knows that so they can revise your estimate.

Plan Ahead with Cleveland and Columbus Moving Services

The moving process doesn’t have to be a pain. Planning ahead can save you time, money, and a whole lot of problems. Contact Andrews Moving online or give us a call at 888-711-5957 to get a quote on Cleveland or Columbus moving services to set yourself up for a stress-free transition into your new home.

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