Buying a New TV? Keep the Box!

Memorial Day weekend, the official start of the summer season, is only a few short days away. If you’re planning on taking advantage of the great sales that coincide with this weekend to buy a brand new flat screen TV we have one piece of advice – don’t throw the box & packaging materials away! Hanging on to the box and packaging materials that come with your TV is a simple and easy way to save yourself some big bucks when it comes time to move, especially if you buy a new television that is on the larger side. Since flat screen TVs are fragile items, we take the best care in packing them. The original box and packaging materials custom fit your television and is the best way to transport the television to a new location. If the original box and packaging materials  aren’t available, a United Van Lines agent will use a flat-screen TV  box. If the television is larger than normal, the agent may choose to custom crate your TV to ensure a safe and flawless arrival. Unfortunately, both of these ways will end up costing you extra on your move. Keeping the box and packaging materials gives you free packing materials for your TV for the future. If you plan on going solo and not using a moving company, it is a much safer way to transport your TV on your own than wrapping it in a blanket and sticking it in the back seat of your car.

So what’s there to lose? Don’t put that box out for recycling or trash pick up! Even if you aren’t planning to move in the near future it is still a great idea to hang on to the box and materials – you never know when your plans will change.

Have other boxes? Before you throw them away, check out our Pinterest board for ideas of how to recycle your used moving, electronic, and appliance boxes!

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